Monday, November 12, 2018

What I've Learned This Semester

I cannot believe we are a month out from exams... I have mixed feelings about it. I'm only interested in half of my classes and the other half I really enjoy. On Monday, I registered for classes for the last time... EVER (for a while at least). This semester has by far been better than my whole last year at UNC. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed myself, but there were a lot more lows.

1. I am an introvert. I had always been told by my family that I am an introvert. Last year, I hated being alone though. I guess that was due to the fact that my roommates were always gone and were not as close as I had anticipated that we would be. This year living in a 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom house, I have learned that I do miss being lonesome more than I had expected. Not to mention that I have all of my meals in the main sorority house, so I constantly surrounded by sisters. I really do love the company, but it's comical looking back on how lonely I was sometimes last year. It's definitely all about balance at the end of the day. 

2. I love to learn. Although some of my classes are not very interesting, the ones I do like are soooooo entertaining. I have rarely skipped class this semester (something I did frequently last year). I'm sure if it's because I live close to campus/ my roommates are more responsible or the combination of multiple factors, but it has not happened too much this semester and it truly does make a difference. Now, if I could just focus better when I am working on my homework! My favorite class is Intro to Human Development and Family Studies which most first years take who want to go into education. While I did choose this class as an elective, I knew it would be very interesting to me as I hope to be a guidance counselor one day.

3. I have found my best friends. This is so cheesy and sappy but I do love my friends here at Carolina so much. They are so supportive and REAL. It's not like high school where you had to be friends with certain people. I love spending time with my sisters (to an extent though, see point number 1 lol). They definitely keep you accountable and are a strong support system.

I am sad to see this semester end and next semester will be bittersweet for sure. How have your semesters gone so far?!

Monday, October 1, 2018

A Day in My LIfe

Happy October!

Okay sorry I have been so MIA. School has been going GREAT (knock on wood)! Recruitment was so much fun and kept me super busy which is what I needed. I really developed a routine with my schoolwork and recruitment practice schedule, but of course as soon as I got comfortable in that schedule, bid day rolled around! We seriously had the BEST bid day theme... HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL! Growing up those were my favorite movies and I was insanely obsessed and I will debate you on that if you disagree as I still I have my Barbie Sharpay and her convertible unopened!!!

After bid day, Hurricane Florence hit North Carolina and we were out of school for five days. There was no major damage done in Chapel Hill, thankfully! Because of where Florence was making landfall, I opted to not go home because they were calling for my town to flood and I figured it would be dumb to leave and head towards the storm. Instead, I went to my aunt's house that is two hours west of Chapel Hill. I had a fun time while I was there. I wish I had just been more present while I was there, but I was super on edge wondering when I could go back to school and I missed my boyfriend! 

Last week was our first full week of school this year which is crazy to think. I have finally gotten somewhat of a routine to share with you guys! 

The reason that there are two times for each event is to reflect my schedule. My Tuesday/Thursday times are first because my day begins earlier following my Monday/Wednesday/Friday schedule. 

Wake Up// Don't think I get up out of bed an hour before my classes start... This is just when my first alarms go off and I decide to catch up on my social media from the night before. I always check my emails in hopes of a class getting cancelled, but that has yet to happen to me. Sometimes I will shower if I get up early enough and have some remaining homework, I might shower since I have the time. 

Class// On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I only have one class in the mornings at 9:30 and on MWF I have one class at 10 then another at 11:15 until 12:05. Mondays definitely feel like such longer days, but I enjoy those two classes more than my morning TTH class.

Lunch// One thing Alpha Chi at UNC prides itself on is the food. I am not exaggerating, but it is one of my favorite things about my days. They are well balanced and delicious. We get home made cookies everyday for a dessert at lunch as well which I am a sucker for. It is just a nice break from our hectic days to chill for a bit and talk to our sisters. 

Class// It is always so hard for me to go to my last class of the day... especially on MWF when it is economics. I don't understand it and it does not really come easy to me. I should probably devote more time to the class, but it is one of those classes if you aren't interested then it is just not going to happen. 

Relax// Sorry this one is so random, but really every day varies. Some days I will nap, go on a Dunkin' run with my boyfriend, or watch Netflix. It can be hard sometimes to make myself do homework right after class. I have always done my homework after dinner... even when I was in elementary school and was supposed to do my homework at after school care, I would talk and hang out instead. I don't think my mom was a big fan of that, but old habits die hard! But let's be honest that window from 2-5:30 is a great time to dedicate to some self care! 5:30 is when we have dinner together at Alpha Chi. Afterwards, I will come back and force myself to sit down and crank out some reading for my classes and do assignments if need be. 

Happy October!

What does your fall semester look like?


Monday, August 20, 2018

Charleston Recap

A couple of weekends ago my mom and I ventured to Charleston. Since the beginning of Southern Charm, the Bravo series just recently ending its 5th season, I have longed to visit the Holy City. The trip was a nice mom-daughter get away before I headed back to school this past week and a great way to continue my 21st birthday celebration. This recap is long overdue and probably will not do the trip justice.

Upon arrival on Thursday, we had dinner at The Charleston Grill. It was fabulous! My mom and I decided to just order a bunch of smaller plates instead of splurging on large ones that we would probably not finish. We told the waiters that we here in Charleston to celebrate my birthday and they surprised us with glasses of dessert wine and this variety plate of sweets at the end of our meal. I thought it was so nice of them! 

(Isn't my mom so FAB!?)

Friday was spent exploring the city with lots of shopping!  I got lots of transitional pieces for the fall that I cannot wait to wear while we were out and about! I really enjoyed going to the market. We went on Thursday, but it was very overwhelming to say the least. But we went back on Friday and I found some souvenirs. I really want to get a hand weaved straw basket one day! We had lunch at Poogan's Porch surrounded by three different bachelorette parties. (They were e v e r y w h e r e!!!)

On Saturday, my mom and I went to Middleton Place, a well-known Charleston Plantation. I had read a lot of mixed reviews on visiting plantations when planning our vacay, but I had never seen one before and they were advertised quite a bit around the town. After some brief research Thursday night, we found that Middleton Place had the best reviews overall, not to mention they had a dining option! The food was great! It has been very rainy in Charleston according to the locals, which made for a very peaceful day on the plantation. The rain held off thankfully once we were there! The house in the picture above is actually one of the side houses of the property. The main house was burned  during the Civil War and ultimately collapsed during an earthquake in the 1880s and along with the other side house. The house that remains has been remodeled and restored on the inside to resemble what the main house would have looked like during its peak. Members of the Middleton Family donated many of their possessions to the property for tourists to see.

I thoroughly enjoyed our trip and was much needed if I do say so myself! I cannot wait to go back one day!


Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Mini Back to School Haul!!!

Hey y'all!!!! Today makes it officially ONE WEEK until I move back to Chapel Hill for the school, even though I've gone at least once a week since I moved back in early July. I am ready to establish an everyday routine tbh. 

Since my junior year of high school, I used an LL Bean Deluxe book bag. Honestly it's still in good condition, but it kind of feels grimy even though I have washed it (I mean four years of using backpack... think of all of the places its been...) so I wanted to change it up for senior year and be a little more sanitary. I really did not want to splurge though. 

I tried using a North Face backpack last year which ended up being EXTREMELY heavy without anything in it. (I don't remember the style but I know it wasn't the typical Jester or Recon that most people use). I switched back to my trusty LL Bean by the end of my first week. It was great since I lived so far from campus, I could really load up on everything I needed for the day since I would be out of my apartment from 8-6 most days.

This year I am using the Kanken backpack.  I had a gift card to Great Outdoor Provisions since Christmas and decided that after nearly a year later that I should put it to use. I also signed up for their emails and got 10% off my purchase. I definitely got this backpack at a great price. I have been eyeing these for years, but knew they would be too small for all I would need especially during my high school career. This year I am living a BLOCK from campus. Literally will be a 10 minute walk to most of my classes like how insane is that!? I know I will definitely not have to load up everything each day and I am not working on campus so there are not many "What-Ifs". 

The backpack is a lot smaller than what I am used to, but I think it will prevent me from overpacking. Also, one of my MUST-HAVES on backpacks especially as a college student are side compartments to hold water bottles. That was a make-it or break-it deal when I was shopping around.

This year I decided instead of having an individual notebook for every single class that I instead use two 3-subject notebooks. I either have two classes a day or three classes a day so this works perfectly. This should keep my load a little lighter as well. I used a 2-subject notebook this summer for my 2 classes and it honestly just felt more efficient. 

Also, the Kanken has a laptop sleeve (!!!) which I was not expecting or even looking for really but this will be perfect! I know my MacBook Air will fit perfectly because it is so slim. My Lenovo should fit as well, but it is just a little more bulky compared to my Mac. 

My boyfriend gave me Emily Ley's Simplified Planner Daily Edition in the Minted Pineapple print for my birthday. I have ALWAYS loved Emily Ley, but could not let myself spend $60 on a planner. I really didn't know what to ask for this year and I saw this was the last print she had in stock, I had to ask for it. I couldn't deprive myself from Emily's genius any longer!

Last year, I didn't use up that many pens or pencils, but I cannot resist purchasing new ones for the school year. I purchased the Pilot Frixion pens. They are so cool because they erase with a rubbery-plastic end - an eraser that doesn't wear away! I bought this three pack of fancy mechanical pencils called Clearpoint that I have seen people use for ages. I think I used one of my sister's recently and found that they wrote really well! 

Side note: Has anyone else felt like Target's school supply section is super empty this year?? Every time I go, there are a lot of empty shelves. I just can't believe people are buying that much supplies so early. 
In addition to this, I found these supplies at Target. Initially in the school supply section. I had the Frixion pens in red, black, and blue. In the back of my mind I knew I would never use the red, but I wanted the Frixion pens. Secondly, there was a two pack of the same pencils for like a $1.50 more which I thought was ridiculous, but it's the price you pay for quality products but I knew other places had them for a little cheaper. I decided to look in the office supplies section just to double check. I actually found this ALL BLACK set of Frixion pens for $1 cheaper and this THREE set of Clear Point pencils for $1.50 cheaper. 

In short, if you want some of the less basic type of school supplies make sure you aren't getting scammed!!!! I was really proud of myself for finding these bargains. 

What school supplies are you using this year?


Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Dealing with Comparison

For me, my summer's are usually spent traveling to places across the United States whether it be Florida or somewhere out west. I honestly felt like I was extremely cultured compared to people in my small hometown (and I probably still am), but my mindset has completely changed this summer. So many people I have met at college have gone abroad and for some this isn't their first time in the last year! People are not only going to Europe, but to Jerusalem, Australia, and parts of Asia...places I can never imagine going.  I catch myself thinking I will never be able to spend a semester away like that...

This summer I have one vacation planned which I leave for TOMORROW (!!!!) and I am so excited to be headed to Charleston and to be somewhere new. This is rare that I do not really go anywhere until the end of the summer, but this is partially due to me being in summer school. 

But with social media, I feel like my weekend trip does not equate to the dozens of girls who have studied abroad or who have gone to exotic places with their families. I know social media is just a highlight reel of everyone's trips because strangely enough, many people say upon returning from their abroad trips that their time was actually very lonely. And I just sit there like ???? You were on the trip of a lifetime.... (Disclaimer: I am not trying to put down people who went abroad, I have been abroad before for a few days and it was amazing!)

I honestly do not handle jealousy or FOMO very well. I feel like I haven't done enough with what I've been given and this summer I really found myself thinking like this. Inevitably, I have unfollowed the people that I don't really interact with, but are constantly going places this summer. For me, this is a way of me making strides to compare less and enjoy what I've been given more (no matter how harsh people may think I'm being towards others).  I just have to remember that I cannot always sit and be down on myself about my current situation and to instead relish in my slow, easy summer before the school year kicks in because honestly after the school year I had, I really did need time to get myself together mentally more than a trip thousands of miles away. I know that my trip with my mom will be more meaningful to us given the season of life we are in at this very point in time.

For those of you who have spent their summer at home and/or close to home, have you felt like this?


Friday, July 27, 2018

Reading Lately + Future Read

Good morning!

Today, I am going to be talking about books that I have read so far this summer! Last summer, my job was babysitting a few days a week and my friends were living in their college towns for the summer giving me a lot of free time. It was really nice looking back since I was making a huge move to Chapel Hill that August. It allowed me to be stress free (although I found a way to be stressed about my move)... Anyways, with my free time I picked up reading. Honestly, I had not read a book for pleasure since elementary school. That is kind of embarrassing to admit to say the least. 

During my time last summer, I found reading to be soooo relaxing. I didn't have reports to write on these books or Accelerated Reader goals I had to meet. I was reading at my own pace. Reading became my own personal escape. I read probably 8 books last summer which was phenomenal. 

So far this summer, I have read 5 books, but the summer isn't over yet! I was in summer school the first part of the summer, so I had a slightly later start. So far, I have read "Modern Lovers", "Crazy Rich Asians" (series) by Kevin Kwan, and I read Emily Giffin's latest "All We Ever Wanted" (in three days). Giffin's book was very fast-paced and enjoyable. 

I'll be honest, I started Modern Lovers in November... I did not have a lot of free time during the school year and when I did, reading was the last thing I wanted to do since I had so much for class. Once school ended before summer school, I began to really read the book. Honestly, it was one of the worst books I have read. There seemed to be a lot of hype behind this author given her other book "The Vacationers" which I have not read. 

I have raved about this so much to everyone I have talked to, but I loveeee Crazy Rich Asians. I read all three books within a month. The last one only took me a week to read. I have to say the last one might have been my favorite. They are just so light and funny. There's a few plot twists which kept me on my toes! I can't wait for the movie come August 15th (a Wednesday!!!!!)

Next on my list, is "The Identicals" by Elin Hilderbrand. The book came out last summer, but I believe only hardback was available and since I was just getting into reading I didn't want to full on splurge. But this summer, I HAD to get my hands on it. My mom is currently reading it and I am waiting to steal it back from her! (I was the one who bought it hehe) Even when I made the purchase at Barnes and Noble, the cashier said it was a great book which makes me even more excited to get to it!

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Our 3 Year Dating Anniversary

On Tuesday, Matthew and I celebrated 3 years of dating. Technically, our actual anniversary is Saturday, but Tuesday worked better with our schedules. We went to Charlotte (one of our favorite cities) and spent the day there!

Upon arrival, we immediately went to Shake Shack... Matthew had not been there since we went to New York for Thanksgiving 2 years ago! It was sooooo good per usual.
Afterwards, we went to SouthPark and Swoozies. Surprisingly, I did not find anything at the mall... (shocking, right!?) Then at Swoozies, Matthew bought me this hat as an anniversary gift. I have been wanting an aviate hat for a few months now and what a fun way to remember our trip to Charlotte!

Matthew had never been to my aunt's house that's about an hour away from Charlotte, so we decided to stop by there. It was such a beautiful day there and we got to explore their land on the gator!

We ended the night with dinner at Bonefish which was really good and different because I don't eat seafood that much, but I really enjoyed it.

Here's to many more years together!